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How many times have you played an online war game, read a history book, or seen a war movie and said to yourself, "I would love to experience this?"

Here's your chance to reenact history!  The LHRA reenactment group deals with Historical Reenactors, hobbyists and collectors who share the same interest Recreating History!  The Living History Reenactment Association, Inc. (LHRA) invites you to join us in the unique hobby of recreating history.

The LHRA is an organization established to promote public awareness of the sacrifices made by the common soldier of all armies during the major military conflicts in History.  We teach how and why these events took place, and also reenact them as well for the public as well as private events.  Our membership has not only Reenactors, but collectors, hobbyists, and those who just want to get a better understanding of these conflicts.  The LHRA, Inc. sponsors private as well as public battle reenactments, displays of the members' military memorabilia, uniforms, equipment and period vehicles.  We also participate in various Parades, Air shows and Media projects, Documentaries, Film projects, large and small.

Join Us Today, And Start enjoying history first hand!   


Membership information is below, see what fits you best!  We offer family membership to save but please keep this membership to immediate family members only.


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Step 4 - After activating your subscription.  Log in and go to Members | Member Home, to hoin your Unit and set up your Profile.


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