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This section deals with photos of WWII vehicles, weapons and field gear used at various reenactments.  This section is great as a reference guide for vehicles, gear and guns.








WWII German Volkswagen Beetle                 British Humber Armoured car         Reproduction Panther tank



WWII German Hetzer tank                            German Kubelwagen                           U.S. WC Command car




WWII U.S. Sherman  Tank                             German 222 Armoured car                   German Kubelwagen



WWII U.S. Greyhound armoured car            WWII U.S. Army Jeeps                            WWII WC Dodge

WWII German BMW motorcycles                    WWII U.S. Halftrack                               Mercedes Staff car

WWII U.S.  Stuart Tank                                     British Paratrooper jeep                          U.S. Army DUKW

British Royal Enfeld flying Flea                          German Opel Blitz truck                            Repro German 247

  German Halftrack  Sdkfz 251                               WWII U.S. Indian Motorcycle                  WWII British Sherman Tank


WWII German Infantry weapons


                       MP40  and MP44 Submachine guns                                                                            Walther P-38 Pistol


                           German MG42 Machine Gun                                                                                      German G-43 Rifle


                                  German WWII K98 rifle                                                                                



                               German MG34 Machine gun                                                                           German FG42 Machine gun



German WWII Stick Grenade



WWII U.S. Weapons



M1911  U.S. Pistol                                                                    U.S. Thompson Sub machine gun


U.S. M-1 Garand                                                                              Browing 30 Cal. Machine gun


U.S.  M-1 Carbine                                                                U.S.  1903 Sniper rifle


U.S. M3 Grease Gun                                                                   U.S. Browing Automatic Rfile  BAR


WWII British Weapons




British WWII Bren Gun                                                                 British Lee enfield rifle


 WWII British Pistol                                                               WWII British Sten sub machine gun


WWII British Piat Anti-tank weapon                               British 303 Enfield rifle




Russian WWII Weapons



1925nag-028544_6.jpg (740×273)


WWII Russian PPSH Sub Machine gun                                          Russian Mosin Nagant rifle



Russian Sniper rifle                                                                         Russian PPSH 41 sub Machine gun




  WWII Russian Tokarev Pistol                                Russian Machine gun



WWII Italian Weapons


WWII Italian Carcano rifle                                                          WWII Italian Breda Machine gun




WWII German Field Gear




 Typical German Field gear setup, for Army and SS soldiers, using an MP44.


 German WWII field Gear setup for an Army (HEER) soldier using a K98 rifle



 Unteroffizier.jpg (649×786)


U.S. Army Field Gear




 Typical US Army soldiers field gear setup using a Rifle 




US Army field gear setup for an Infantry soldier




US Marines field gear setup for an Infantry soldier





WWII Russian soldiers field gear setup using a rifle










           WWI US Army truck                        WWI British army Tank




WWI German Weapons




 WWI German Machine gun                                                 German Lugar                   WWI German Mauser rifle



WWI US ARMY weapons



Image result for wwi us rifle 

 US  1903 Springfield rifle                                                  WWI Vickers machine gun                  WWI Smith & Wesson pistol




WWI Russian Weapons



 WWI  Russian Mosin Nagant rifles                         WWI Nagant Pistol                   WWI Russian Machine gun









    US Army Jeep                                US Army Truck                                                  APC M113 Personal carrier  




US Army Weapons used in Vietnam reenacting




         Vietnam US XM177 rifle                                          US Grenade launcher


US Army Field Gear






 US Army Vietnam Field gear setup for an Infantry soldier




 US Marines Field gear setup Vietnam


Uniforms used in Vietnam




                                        Viet Cong                                                US Army Vietnam


7af42490c6b143a0ed26db3748cc3475.jpg (736×452)


 Viet Cong Black Pajamas uniform                                 Vietnam uniform items                     Vietnam Helmet







US Army Weapons used in Vietnam


                             US M-16 Rifle                                                      US M-60 Machine gun












WWII German Uniform Plates


med_res (700×518)42117.jpg (1500×1117)Helmet-000.jpg (950×400)45gerwaff3a.jpg (657×916)a9c5feb1b9e9bb71a19cd239142ca686.jpg (736×539)german1.jpg (630×470)




German WWII Vehicle Markings



image006.gif (726×353)




WWII Russian Insignia Plate


sovietranks-22.jpg (900×640)



Italian WWII Uniform Plate



url.jpg (998×1294)