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Historical reenacting is about several things.  Recreating history, teaching the general public about history and the events we portray, and remembering the Veterans of the conflicts. Its also a LOT of fun!

Roman Civil War WWI WWII Korean War VietnamThe LHRA reenacts all time periods of history, from the Roman Times to Vietnam.  But we're not limited to just battle reenacting. Members set up historical displays at events, teach in classrooms, hold events for Veteran groups, work with the Media and also take part in movies and TV shows.

Many of us enjoy getting out for the weekend, bringing our weapons, vehicles, and displays in order to reenact history.   Others are here to honor the veterans of the Battles we recreate and also to teach the public about the history behind the events that shaped our world. 



See the NEWS section for recent updates.  Please read the lastest post regarding updating the web site.





 9th SS Panzer 9th reenactment society

Lastly, there are members who just enjoy history in General, and wish to learn more.  These days, there are fewer and fewer Veterans, and remembering what they did for there country is important.

French Vietnam reenactors


Please take a few minutes and explore the website.  Even if you're not a Historical Reenactor, but just have a taste for military history, the LHRA just might have  something for you!

And if you're interested in historical battles, join the Living History Reenactment Association and re-create history!  







Parson, KS WWI Reenactment



 Parsons, KS WWI reenactment












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 Above: M-5 "Stuarts" of the 14th Armored Division LHRA unit.













 Colorado board of Education




 Gettsburg Reenactment

 Perryville, KY




 Roman_cavalry_reenactment_Carnuntum_2008_15.jpg (3921×2614)

Roman cavalry reenactment Carnuntum 2008



 a4c64d0ac661e3fa5180617eac9cede5.jpg (670×450)



 Annarbor, 2013



 French Vietnam reenactors

Tiawan reenactment group

If you have some videos or photos you would like to

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12818576-essay.jpg (980×681)

 Revolutionary War reenactors at Princeton Battlefield


2013ALF_088.jpg (598×400)

 Revolutionary War Reenacting in Arizona

8717242439_7467bace1c_z.jpg (640×427)

4016468431_9f1c9706df.jpg (500×285)

Revolutionary_War_Reenactment.jpg (640×480)


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