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Historical reenacting is about several things.  Recreating history, teaching the general public about history and the events we portray, and remembering the Veterans of the conflicts.   Its also a LOT of fun!

Roman Civil War WWI WWII Korean War VietnamThe LHRA reenacts all time periods of history, from Roman Times to the Vietnam War.  WWII reenacting is what were know best for.  But we're not limited to just battle reenacting. Members set up historical displays at events, teach History in classrooms, hold events for Veteran groups, work with the Media and also take part in movies and TV shows.  Its History coming alive!

Many Reenactors enjoy getting out for the weekend, bringing there weapons, vehicles, and displays to various events in order to bring History alive.   Others are there to honor the veterans of the Battles we recreate and also to teach the public about the history behind the events that shaped our world.

Lastly, there are members who just enjoy history in General, and wish to learn more.  These days, there are fewer and fewer Veterans, and remembering what they did for there country is important.

Please take a few minutes and explore the website.  Even if you're not a Historical Reenactor, but just have a taste for military history, the LHRA just might have  something for you!

And if you're interested in historical battles, join the Living History Reenactment Association and re-create history!



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In January 2016 Mike Kowalski, a 38 year veteran of the South Bend Indiana Fire Department and LHRA member was hit from behind at a traffic stop and pushed into oncoming traffic. He was in a coma till April 2016 and is very slowly regraining normal functions. To help Mike and his family cover the close to a quarter of a million dollar medical fees a Go Fund Me page was started by a fellow South Bend Fire Fighter.

We hope for a speedy recovery for Mike!

 Mike Kowalski



Not all photos posted below are of LHRA units, please contact the webmaster if one is your photo and you'd like credt or want it removed.





WWI German Reenactors


WWI British reenactors marching








 5590.large.jpg (900×714)

WWII SS German reenactors



thumb-1368967439555-tank.jpg (600×400)



WWII U.S Sherman Tank at an event



 1029426585.jpg (700×440)



WWII Russian reenactor with Captured German NCO




article-2190499-1499FBEA000005DC-326_964x642.jpg (964×642)

WWII D-Day reenactment in Ohio




 depositphotos_11168516-WWII-reenactment.jpg (1023×680)



WWII Russian reenactors with "Captured" ME-109




IMG_3112.jpg (450×337)

WWII U.S Airman at event with B-17 Bomber




 10316440806_6a4648962b_b.jpg (1024×576)

WWII German Paratroopers with Kettenkrad




5851314108_8ff113982b_z.jpg (640×360)


WWII US Marines Reenactors at event




 f65ff0674c27f37e5d75842671389827.jpg (736×488)

WWII U.S. reenactors at Reading, PA event



img_4477-1024x768.jpg (1024×768)


 WWII German "replica Stug III Tank"













 2015-08-25-1440488435-178286-CivilWarreenactment_Resaca1.jpeg (960×643)


Civil war reenactment with Union troops





 civil-war-reenactment_26.jpg (3150×2250)


Civil war reenacting  CSA troops


civil_war_reenactment2-620x412.jpg (620×412)

Civil war reenactment 


 civil-war-reenactment.jpg (640×360)


 Civil War Reenactment








 MARLE COLUMN.jpg (3008×2000)

 Roman Reenactment event in the UK


DSC_0007b.jpg (500×333)

Roman Soldiers at Reenactment


 1280px-Roman_Cavalry_Reenactment_-_Roman_Festival_at_Augusta_Raurica_-_August_2013-072.JPG (1280×928)

 Roman Calvary Reenactment









 Vietnam reenactment.jpg (960×740)


 Veterans event


InCountry_Tuna.jpg (1920×1080)

Vietnam U.S. Soldier














Revoultionary war reenactment  British soldiers


Image result for revolutionary war reenactment supplies


 Revoultionary war reenactment  British soldiers



 2013AHF_255.jpg (1000×735)

Revoultionary war reenactment in Arizona



RevolutionaryWarReenacting_002.jpg (690×400)


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